30 St. Mary Axe Description, Documentation and Movie

Going into this project, the main function I wanted to achieve was to get Dynamo to rotate the floor plates in the building. This was the most laborious part of project 1. I knew there was a simpler, programmable approach that was not possible with Revit alone. I didn't realize, however, how simple the solution would be. Below is a screenshot of the final product of the rotated floors with the Dynamo script that executed the rotation. This script was much, much simpler than I initially thought it would be. Since the relationship between the relative floor rotation and floor number was already programmed into the Revit parameters, All I needed to do was select each of the floors and assign floor numbers to them automatically using "2..40" in a number block. Before using Dynamo, I had to manually assign each floor number, wasting valuable time. 
Another painstakingly laborious task in project 1 was assigning family types to each of the thousands of individual window panel…